An 18 wheeler accident can conjure up nightmares for almost every driver involved. While every accident can have its repercussions in the long run, drivers tend to drive with great caution around 18 wheeler rigs to avoid any potential damage.

Drivers driving an 18 wheeler rig also have to play with a lot of fire and are asked questions over their driving abilities during court proceedings.

With truck accidents increasing in numbers (a recent report suggesting that over 4,000 people were killed in these accidents during the last year), it is imperative that proper guidance be given to drivers on how to handle the complications after the accident.

Here we present all that should be done by concerned drivers after an accident with a 18 wheeler in Amarillo Texas. Follow these guidelines, and you will be good to go forward.

Chances of Grave Injury

Some call them the big scary trucks, others call them the big rigs, but regardless of whatever term people use to define them, 80 thousand tons 18-wheelers in the United States present a scary potential for grave injuries in the case of an accident.

The scope of the injury can further aggravate, based on the kind of traffic on the road at the time of the accident, and the cars that were present.

With such grave injuries part of the process, the court proceedings are elongated and there are multiple penalties on line. This is why you need a professional to present your case to the court, so that your best interest is upheld at all times.

What to Do Immediately After an 18-Wheeler Accident

While the immediate action after an accident depends a lot on the context of the accident and the medical state you’re in, you should try your best to follow these steps:

  • Identify the other vehicles involved and look around for the owners. See if any of them is under influence, or if they are under-aged.
  • Try to write down the insurance companies that provide the insurance to all the cars involved. It will be best if the cars involved in the accident are insured by one provider.
  • Take pictures as much as you can. Document every little piece of evidence that can go in your favor. Picture skid marks, the other vehicles, any hindrances on the road and other important factors. Also check around for cameras to see where they are located.
  • Photograph the number plates of all cars. Store the pictures in a safe place, as you would need to present them in the court sooner or later.
  • Photograph the cargo that has been damaged, or any other damaged public property in the course of accident.
  • Call your insurance provider and tell them about the accident.
  • Immediately contact a proper 18 wheeler attorney soon.

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